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Steam-client patchers - short description, comparison.

Patchers designed for cracking of the steam-client. A cracked Steam-client can run many games, and some to download. The following are the features / disadvantages of the most popular client patcher steam, as well as a brief description.


Undead Patch

Delphi Steam Memory Patcher (DSMP)



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2009-10-20T13:41:57+00:00 2009-05-22T17:33:06+00:00 http://forum.csmania.ru/viewtopic.php?t=18678&p=264306#p264306 <![CDATA[[FAQ] Cracked Steam]]> Attention! This article is the intellectual property, copyright http://csmania.ru, copying and distribution is permitted only with reference to the source! Dear users, without specifying a link to the source, you thereby create barriers to information development directions "Cracked Steam"!

Q: What is a cracked Steam client (cracked steam)?
A: Cracked Steam client gives you access to all content Steam. As a rule, is a patch that modifies certain features regular customer Steam, that responsible for hiding not acquired games. As a rule, all cracked Steam clients downloading same games, it is associated with protection on the server side Steam.

Q: What cracked Steam client exist?
A: There are 2 types of patches of the Steam client:
  1. Producing changes in original Steam files.
    These patcher applies, for example, UndeadMod or DynPatch.
  2. Generating patching in memory without modifying the original files of the Steam.
    These patcher applies, for example, DSMP or SteamUp!.
Learn about Steam client patchers in details you can in this message.

Q: Can I use a licensed account via cracked Steam-client?
A: It is not recommended to connect through a cracked Steam-client to an account with purchased games, because it can block account.

Q: How to activate free to your account any license? / How to activate the free license for multiple accounts from one computer?
A: See the topic "free activation license games".

Q: Can I use via cracked Steam-client account, which is activated only free license?
A: Accounts, which registered only free license, through the cracked Steam-client you can use.

Q: I saved password into Steam legit account. What should I do to steam-client is not connected by default to the account with a saved password?
A: Delete the\config\SteamAppData.vdf.

Q: I do not swing hacked steam-game client, the message "steam servers are too busy", what to do?
A: It is necessary to download the game files themselves and put them into a folder: \steamapps.

Q: Where can I download game files?
A: Game files can be downloaded:
  1. from CSmania.RU forum,
  2. forum CS.RIN.RU forum,
  3. from steamapps.10001mb.com site.

Q: I'm going to download the game, but I do not know which files need to download...
A: Find out what files are used by a particular game, in several ways:
  1. look at this topic,
  2. see site steamapps.10001mb.com,
  3. via CF Toolbox.

Q: Can I use the game files from the legit Steam-client?
A: Of course you can. In the game files do not store information about your account, through which they were downloaded.

Q: I have somehow ceased to run some games, I get an error "steam servers are too busy" when you start ... Is the problem?
A: Likely, in the steam came out of one or more protected files of the game. Files need to update yourself to the latest version. The same could be error in the steam-client: language settings have changed.

Q: How to update the outdated game files.
A: To update your game files, use the program CF Toolbox.

Q: Where can I download updates for game files?A: Updates for the game files need to search in specific topics:
  1. At forum CSmania.RU
  2. At forum CS.RIN.RU.

Q: How do I add friends? How to make friends to see when I play?
A: Use the x-fire when the Cracked Steam-client launched.

Q: Can I play into a cracked Steam-client in multiplayer games?
A: As a rule, you can only play on pirated servers, but there are exceptions (see this topic).

Q: When connecting to a server error "disconnect: this steam account does not own this game", what it means?
A: You are trying to connect to the license server. Playing on the license server non-free content is not possible (with rare exceptions). For more details, written in response to the previous question.

Q: When connecting to a server error "Steam validation rejected", what does this mean?
A: Perhaps, all you're trying to connect to license server (details in response to the previous question). However, there may be other reasons:
  • server is running on an obsolete game client (not updated);
  • server does not allow users to connect no-steam (without the client's steam) version of the game

Q: How easily and quickly find unlicensed servers?
A: There is a special masterserver:


Q: My list of games does not display all the icons, how to correct this error?
A: It is necessary to correctly restart steam-client.

Q: How to restart cracked steam-client correctly?
A: It is necessary to correctly complete the steam-client. This can be done in two ways:
  • Click on the icon in the steam tray and choose "Exit".
  • Click "File -> Exit" in the window steam.
Then you have to run hacked steam-client.

Q: Why I can't open up the achievements, in the console says "steam is not running" / server browser isn't working, in the console says "Steam beta must be running"?
A: Such errors appear when using an outdated version of the steam. If you use the patcher type-2 (see details above), the platform should be updated automatically. Try restarting steam-client correctly (details in the previous question). If the problem is not solved, remove the file Steam.cfg (if it does not help, delete the file ClientRegistry.blob) and again restart steam-client.

Q: When I start the game error "engine error" (or similar error, but not "Application load error", or "steam servers are too busy"), what to do?
A: Copy from steam root directory into a folder with executive file (.exe) of the game (usually "steamapps\\") file steam.dll. Then put to the same patcher DynPatch (!) And the patch file steam.dll. Attention! Not recommended patch file steam.dll, located in the root folder of steam!

Q: When I startup game page opens shop page (steam offers to buy the game), what to do?
A: Make sure that you run a cracked steam-client. If everything is correct, put it in a folder with the executive file (.exe) game (as a rule "steamapps \ common\SteamEmu), or patched steam.dll (details in the previous question). Then copy there ClientRegistry.blob file from the root of steam.

Q: When you start the game error "unable to connect to server" what to do?
A: Set patcher that can run those games that when you start requesting the key from the server. More information is available http://forum.csmania.ru/viewtopic.php?f=21&p=325627#p325627. If you believe that using a patch to have this opportunity, simply restart your Steam-client.

Q: When you start the game I get an error "Application load error", what to do?
A: Set patcher, not replace original files of steam-client (see above), or use Revloader.

Q: When I startup compromised steam-client is presented error "Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library Steam.dll" / "failed to load platform modules", how to solve this problem?
A: Delete steam.cfg file.

Q: How to quickly switch from cracked the Steam client to legit?
A: If you use the patcher, not replace the original files client Steam, it is sufficient to run Steam.exe file without any parameters, previously completed work running the client Steam. To quickly switch to unlicensed Steam, do everything exactly the same, only Steam.exe file with parameters (startup options can be found in the theme you want to run on the client).
Note. If you use the patcher, replacing the original files, then run legit client you have to delete the files steam.cfg and Clientregistry.blob, or install another copy of the Steam client to another folder.

Q: Are there programs that make it easy (without manual adjustment emulator) to run the game without steam-client?
A: Yes, there are:
Q: What GCF files unpackers is best for use?
A: Recommends these unpackers:



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