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This tool allows to validate, fix, optimize, defrag, update GCF, NCF and ACF games (reminds you of another tool ?).
It introduces the NEW "version" (formerly "archive") format, and the NEW "update" format that i will use in future releases.

these formats are NOT compatible with CFT 1.x . I will release a compatibility pluggin (for gcf/ncf only) for later if needed.

The tool was also an attempt to code an HTML GUI instead of an MCF one... was maybe not a good idea afterall.
it can be accessed with a web browser on localhost:27888 but then be really carefull to wait for an operation to finish before to click somewhere... i advise you to use the tool's browser instead ...

so, first step : click on config and update the CDR and AppInfo before doing anything else you may loose some ncf/acf content.

this tool is beta, so please BACKUP your files !


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