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 Заголовок сообщения: Portal 2 Just Another Extras Patcher v.1.0
СообщениеДобавлено: 17 май 2012, 18:56 
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Portal 2 Just Another Extras Patcher
      Download[spoiler="Features"]a.Automatically detects the Portal2-Path (installed in "Steam\SteamApps\common\portal 2") or ask for it and save this Path to use it.
      b.Automatically creates the "addons"-Directory if not exists.
      c.List of all installed Custom-Maps ("Map list")
      1.Add-ons and Maps-Folder are observed to find the Maps and display it in the Map list.
      2.Hide Maps in the Map list to keep track of maps you've already played.
      3.Delete Maps from your Hard-Disk if you no longer need them.
      4.Add Maps with Portal2JAEP:
      1.Use the "Add Map"-Button to browse your computer and select the Map-Files
      2.Drag-Drop the Map-Files directly on the Portal2JAEP-Form to add the Map.
      3.Automatic File-Extraction of zip, rar and 7z-Files and install the Maps to the correct folders.
      5.Start single player maps in Portal2.
      6.Automatic rename Maps with dots in the Filename to use an underscore (Option).
      7.Highlights maps added in the last 24 hours to find new installed maps.
      d.Patch the Extras-Menu to display all Maps in your Map list (when downloaded by Portal2JAEP it also shows the Thumbnail and Map-Author in the Extras-Menu).
      e.Download Maps from ThinkingWithPortals.com (Option)
      1.The Download-Feature allows you to Download Maps directly from ThinkingWithPortals by adding the Link to the Download-Form in Portal2JAEP. The Map will be downloaded, maybe extracted and installed fully automatic.
      2.(Option) Portal2JAEP observes your Clipboard to find ThinkingWithPortals- Download links to add and download it, so you must only add a Link to your Clipboard and can Play it a few seconds later without any other actions.
      3.Download thumbnail and author to show them in the extras-menu.[/spoiler][spoiler="The Options"]1.Patch the extras menu
      a.This enables the Extras-Patcher. All maps in your Map list will be written to the extras menu.
      2.Preserve old entries in extras menu.
      a.Read the extras backup and keep all old entries in the extras menu. By default that are the portal2-videos, a comic and the trailer of "e1912".
      3.Mark new Maps in the Map list
      a.Highlights maps added in the last 24 hours to find new installed maps.
      4.Show hidden Maps in the Map list
      a.Display all hidden maps in the Map list. You can unhide maps by right-click on them and click on "unhide".
      5.Auto-Hide Maps with "coop" in Map-Title
      a.Automatic hide all Maps that contains "coop", "co-op" or "co_op" in the Map name. Portal2-Coop-Maps cannot be started correctly with Portal2JAEP.
      6.Enable double-click on Map list to start portal2 with the map
      a.You can double-click on a file in the Map list to start Portal2 and load the Map file. If this Option is disabled you only can use the context-menu (right-click) to start a map.
      7.Replace dots (.) in map filenames with underscores (_)
      a.Some developers use dots in their map-filenames to display version-numbers (eg. "MyCoolMap_v1.2.3.bsp"). You can't start these files in Portal2, because there are dots in the map name. To prevent this "bug", Portal2JAEP can rename the files (only when added by Portal2JAEP) and replace dots with underscores.
      8.Overwrites existing files while adding a map (be careful)
      a.This option overwrite existing files when add a map. If this option is disabled, Portal2JAEP will ask for every file that already exists to overwrite it.
      9.Enable download feature
      a.Enables the Download-Feature. Some people won't use a program that communicates with the Internet. If this feature is disabled, Portal2JAEP doesn't use an Internet- Connection. Enable or disable this option forces a restart of Portal2JAEP.
      10.Observe clipboard to find download links
      a.Observe the Clipboard to find Thinkingwithportals.com-Download-Links. These links will automatically be added to the Download-List.
      11.Start download after adding a link to download queue
      a.Starts the Download after adding the first link to the download-list. If this option is disabled, links will be collected in the download-list, but the download only start if you click on "Start download".
      12.Automatic map-adding after a download is finished
      a.Add downloaded map files automatically to Portal2. If this option is disabled, the download-list will show a link to add the map.[/spoiler][spoiler="How to use"]Simple start it ;)

      Portal2JAEP will search for Portal2 in the Steam-Install-Folder on the first start. If Portal2 is not available Portal2JAEP ask you to set the path manually.

      If Portal2JAEP has found your Portal2, it will show you the Map list and you can use it. Please take a look at the Options. By default all Options are disabled.

      To add new Maps, you can use the "Add Map"-Button on the bottom-right or simple drag and drop the Map/Zip-File on Portal2JAEP.[/spoiler]

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       Заголовок сообщения: Re: Portal 2 Just Another Extras Patcher v.1.0
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      Даже если кто-то и будет искать что-то такое, то вряд ли найдет без знания английского, да и так довольно трудно читается.

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