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I have problem with this fille wont finish download :(
Just stuck at 1.7gb :(
Any help?

Эксперты no-Steam
Эксперты no-Steam
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Use DarkSteam Client.

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weinstreizeR писал(а):Use DarkSteam Client.
Whats that ?
EDIT:oh i found something ...but why to use dark steam client,cant i play over ur client CS:S ? :( :(

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Добро пожаловать. Можно ли сделать игру трюк зубов Сельское хозяйство Simulator 2011/2013 работает?

Как бы я прошу прощения за мой русский, но я использую

Posted after 17 hours 7 minutes 35 seconds:
He wants teeth game farm simulator 2011 work, went, was available the new version of Steam Cracked

stupid ;D

Please answer in English
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Причина: On English, please :)

Эксперты no-Steam
Эксперты no-Steam
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1. Try to download the game via DarkSteam Client:
2. Open appmanifest_xxx.acf (Cracked Steam\SteamApps) with Notepad and remove: LastOwner "xxxxxxxxxxxxx".

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why ALL STEAM (Darksteam,greenluma,cracked steam etc) appear this error,,Can't connect asdsfadsadsabdsabdsa steam error but the normal steam work?Can anyone help me?

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When i tried to install eany game it said i dont have licence...What should i do??

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#459 Сообщение 07.06.2015, 16:41

I need CS:GO license and for other games (sorry for bad english but i from polish)

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DarkHaze » 27 Sep 2009, 19:16 писал(а):
On Russian (на русском).

«Cracked Steam - Installation Wizard»®
Cracked Steam for newbie

Features list:
  • Automatically installation and configuration. You can select a custom settings before install. Paris shuttle airport
  • Filtration game list. You can see only which games can be downloaded automatically. Those games that you download manually, will also be listed. This feature is temporary not available.
  • Includes spesial service application. Automaticaly checks for updates.
  • Includes confiuration application. You can change settings after install.

Warning! In order to avoid problems in the use of the program read the FAQ.

Download here
(See "Скачать дистрибутив")

  • GreenLuma.
  • Special service application.
  • Configuration application.

Change Log (is frozen...)
  • Updated patch GreenLuma v2.2.6.
  • Updated game cache file counter-strike source client.gcf (v96).
  • Fixed bug with clientregistry.blob.
  • Updated patch GreenLuma v2.2.3.
  • Updated game cache file counter-strike source client.gcf (v94).
  • Updated game cache file counter-strike source client.gcf (v93).
16.09.2011 R 2-4
  • Bad clientregistry.blob (in versions 16.09.2011 - 16.09.2011 R3) automaticaly remove when install.
  • Fixed a bug in clientregistry.blob.
[*]Fixed a bug with the master server. Fixed install issue. Switching to the license server Mester is working correctly.[/list]

  • Updated game cache file counter-strike source client.gcf (v92).
  • Updated patcher GreenLuma (v2.1.9).
  • Replacing the master server address is now performed via the patcher.
  • Patches log is enabled.
  • Fixed a potential incompatibility with the No-Steam versions of some games (Portal 2 and etc.).
  • And more fixes...
  • New start update webpages.
  • Excluded from the assembly platform Steam. In this regard, the distribution is now available in one version (10 Mb).
  • Return back to previous version patch SmartSteam Test-528.
  • Steam client patches.
    • SmartSteam hybrid Test-528 &
      • Steam subscription performs an old version of SmartSteam (a new version is not working properly).
      • Fixed connect to servers, when Cracked Steam client is allowed.
      • Added Crack for Garry's Mod.
      • Fixed achievements problems in some games (Garry's Mod, Audiosurf and e.t.c; but perhaps exception Counter-Strike: Source).
      • Achievement notice appears in the server chat.
    • GreenLuma 2.1.6-Fix.
      • Change list for version 2.1.6 here.
      • In this version fixed bug in Anti-Repack protection, due to which Steam sometimes closed immediately after launch.
    • Another patches is removed (including SteamUp)
  • Game Cache Files (GCF)
    • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v91).
  • Steam client.
    • Updated Steam platform (version 02 Aug 2011).
  • Other.
    • Some fixes in the Installer and service application.
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v89).
  • Fixed a serious bug in the installer, which caused the installation settings saved incorrectly. The project's author asks for forgiveness for the inconvenience.
  • Engine patch disabled for smartsteam in TF2.
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v88).
  • Updated Steam platform (02 jun 2011).
  • Return back to SmartSteam default.
  • Added cleanup steamclient.dll path in registry. Fixed incompatibility patch GreenLuma with RevEmu emulator.
  • In the installer added check the processes of games Steam.
  • Updated patch GreenLuma 2.0.5.
    • Added crack for Garry's Mod.
    • And other changes...
  • Added hybrid patch profile: SmartSteam + GreenLuma.
    • App subscription profile from SmartSteam.
    • Crack for Garry's Mod from GreenLuma.
  • Maybe fixed case when cracked steam launcher check symbols directory could not be performed correctly.
  • Some fixes in the tweaker.
  • Some fixes in the installer.
  • [ Full distribution ] Updated Steam platform (version 13 May 2011).
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v87).
  • Fixed a bug due to which in the tweaker program is not displayed version.
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v86).
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v85).
  • Removed Gmod fix function.
    Use the special crack for launch Gmod.
    You must to copy the file tier0.dll from archive to the folder: steamapps\<account_name>\garrys mod\bin
  • Authentication is prohibited in Garry's Mod. Fixed Crash with message "Unable to shade polygon normals".
  • The first option is compatible with antivirus software.
  • Removed plugin for SmartSteam due to incompatibility with the latest version of Steam.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • [Full distribution] Updated Steam platform (version from 26 april 2011).

    Game is started, but when map loading still crashing. :(
    Using crack necessarily. Try to put the hacked file attribute is read-only.
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v84).
  • Some fixes.
  • Game files (GCF).
    • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v83).
  • Cracked Steam Launcher.
    • Now Steam client does not launch, if you agree to download update.
  • Steam patch.
    • Smart-Steam.
      • Now Subscription profile "only activated" is using mode SmartPatch.
      • Removed subscription to TF2 Beta.
  • Installer.
    • Default account name does not reset after you install mini-update.
    • New update start web pages.
  • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v82).
  • Updated patcher GreenLuma (v2.0.4).
  • [Full distribution] Updated platform Steam (version 16 april 2011).
  • Cracked Steam Launcher.
    • Now you can run Steam even if the process of No-Steam game hangs after you exit from the game.
  • Installer.
    • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v81).
    • Updated patcher GreenLuma (v2.0.3).
    • Minor fixes.
    • [Full distribution] Updated platform Steam (version from 22 march 2011).
  • Installer.
    • Fixed bug incomplete installation steam client service.
      • Fixed steam launch without admin privileges without legit steam pre-installation.
      • Perhaps solved some other problems.
    • Perhaps fixed a bug which caused some of the installed system will not start game CSS ("servers busy"), even after installing the latest updates to Cracked Steam.
    • [ Full installer ] Updated Steam platform (version 25 Feb 2011).
    • And more other fixes.
  • Cracked Steam Launcher.
    • Fixed a bug which caused Cracked Steam will not start after installing Service Pack for Windows.
      Note. This patch can only prevent an error. If you have already installed the Service Pack after the installation of Cracked Steam, then you need to reinstall the program with a full distribution (can be from the old + mini update).
    • Fixed a bug which caused delays in the autorun function to work bad.
    • Cracked Steam works without admin privileges.
    • Cracked Steam service automatically restores language interface for steam (selected in the file csiw_support \ main.cfg), if the relevant parameters have been removed or steam starts first time on a new account of the operating system.
    • Small UI fixes.
  • Steam Pathes.
    • Changed SmartSteam subscpiption settings.
      • Added subscription to game "Bejeweld 3".
      • Some broken games are removed from list.
    • Updated GreenLuma (v1.4.5).
  • Game Cache Files (GCF).
    • counter-strire source client.gcf (v79).
  • Ctacked Steam Launcher.
    • Program is not reqire commandline parameter "/verysilent".
    • The program does not add itself to the Startup list, if Cracked Steam autorun disabled.
    • Counter is removed from updater.
    • Added warning to Steam shut down question.
    • Added ability to change the time delay on program startup (in file csiw_support\main.cfg).
    • And more changes / fixes.
  • Installer.
    • [Full installer] Updated Steam platform (version 11 jan 2011).
    • ИFixed a bug due to which the conditional downloadable games appear in SmartSteam, even if the user refused to install the files GCF.
  • Updated file counter-strike source client.gcf (v78).
  • Fixed a bug in the updater module.
  • Return to previous versions of the patch SmartSteam test-528.
  • Fixed a bug in the updater module.
  • Fixed notification of an update is available.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the module installation validation.
  • Steam Pathes.
    • Updated SmartSteam to version Test-544.
    • Undead is excluded from installation package.
  • Game files (GCF).
    • Updated counter-strike source client.gcf (v76).
  • New features.
    • New 10 games show in the game list in smartsteam.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Fixed bug which caused the plugin RunBatch for smartsteam not working.
    • Replased download application.
    • Fixed steam patches list in tweaker.
    • And etc.
  • Steam pathes.
    • Added SmartSteam plugin RunBatch.
      • Fixed Garry's Mod hangs (SmartSteam only).
    • Added GreenLuma v1.4.2.
  • Game files (GCF).
    • Updated Counter Strike Source Client.gcf v 75.
  • Full installer.
    • Updated Steam platform (16 Nov 2010).
  • Steam pathes.
    • Updated SmartSteam to version test-258.
      • Added support for different modes of subscription applications.
      • Added masterserver patching.
      • And more...
    • Configuration options ( © [user] / Anti-Steam ) for SmartSteam. Added the following profiles of subscription applications.
      • All installed and all, that available to download.
      • All installed and only main, that available to download.
      • Only installed.
      • All apps (as it was before).
      • Only activated and bought (works as a licensed steam, but no regional protection).
  • Cracked Steam loader.
    • Changed setup validation.
      • Allowed to move the program folder in a single computer.
      • Allowed to run this program with modified (infected) executable file.
  • Full installer.
    • Updated Steam platform (04 Nov 2010).
    • Winui.gcf is removed from installer.

really informative and helpful who are seeking crack steam like me. it can be built about it ,it's such a great way to get expectation that i am searching for. so thank you

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#461 Сообщение 11.01.2016, 15:40

Is someone going to update the cracked steam client?