[Emu] SteamEmu and RevEmu emulators

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Emulators allow you to use many of the steam-game without the Steam client. Most quality and popular emulators customer are SteamEmu and RevEmu (yes, and others have simply vanished in the Chronicle). The following are the features / disadvantages of these emulators, and a brief description.
  • Supports running games with GCF-cache (GCF-based) and standalones.
  • Is stable with many Source engines.
  • Possible setting emulator through the INI file.
  • With updated engines GoldSrc and Source 2007 refuses to work (new interfaces and protection).
Latest version - 3.83.
Developer - hCUPa.
Official topic.

(126.16 КБ) 976 скачиваний
(126.16 КБ) 976 скачиваний
REVOLUTiON Emulator (RevEmu) & Loader (RevLoader) & ReCEG
  • Ability to choose TF2 weapons
  • Play all Valve games and mods extracted
  • Play all Valve games and mods from GCFs
  • Your server will accept all players
  • All players will be validated and assigned their unique Steam ID
  • No other server patch is required (like VUP or REV_PATCH)
  • Automated mounting of language and optional (e.g. Half-Life High Definition) GCFs
  • Support for multiple Cache Paths (your GCFS do not have to be located in a single folder)
  • Support for source engine 64-bit content (HL2/Lostcoast)
  • Support for Source SDK
  • Partly emulator becomes unstable.
In the case of an error "Application error" when starting Steam-games from third-party games need to use RevLoader.

[frame]Plugins: [/frame]
REVOLUTiON Loader | RevLoader v2.2
Official topic

What is it?
The REVOLUTiON Loader is a tool which you can use to launch ALL Steam games!
It relies on functionality of RevEmu, so it is recommended to always use the latest DLLs from RevEmu package with it.

How to install?
- Extract the contents of this package to where your game is installed.
- You can launch revLoader in two ways:

----- 1) Create a shortcut to revLoader and apply the following command line options:

-appid where is the application in question.
If supplied revLoader will create a steam_appid.txt file with the value specified.
-launch where is the executable to launch

All other command line options are passed through to the launched executable, so:

revLoader.exe -appid 12345 -launch MyApp.exe -silent /help

This will create a steam_appid.txt file with the value 12345 Before launching MyApp.exe with the arguments -silent /help

----- 2) Specify the name of the application to load in the ProcName setting in the rev.ini file.

You can also specify the command line if required.

e.g ProcName=MyApp.exe -silent /help

- Set the "SteamClientDll" value to the path to your Steam client's original steamclient.dll (optional)

- If your game doesn't use steamclient.dll, you might consider commenting the option "SteamClientDll".
- If you specify SteamClientDll value, we recommend you create a file called "steam_appid.txt" and write your game's valid AppID in it, or start revLoader with the -appid option and revLoader will create the steam_appid.txt file for you.
- Always use the latest steamclient.dll from the revEmu package!
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(347.47 КБ) 220 скачиваний
Fixed revLoader (unofficial version):
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(2.95 МБ) 325 скачиваний
Official topic

ReCEG is a utility to remove CEG protection
from your CEG protected game.

Usage: ReCEG (CEG protected binary)
or drag the CEG protected binary to ReCEG.exe

Many thanks to a special someone, you know who you are,
many things wouldn't have been possible without you ;-)
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(133.91 КБ) 204 скачивания
Developer - REVOLUTiON Crew, bir3yk
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