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GCFExplorer is (like its name says) an application which lets You explore .GCF files and extract their contents. Check the features for more usage of GCFExplorer :wink:.

  • 100% Free.
  • No need of .NET Framework.
  • User friendly interface similar to Explorer.
  • Extract any file or directory from GCF.
  • Extract Encrypted files using proper Decryption Key.
  • Validate any file or directory from GCF.
  • Shell execute (preview) any file from GCF.
  • Detailed information about file or directory in GCF.
  • Defragment GCF files.
  • Fixing GCF header.
  • Search for files in GCF.
  • Configurable interface.
  • Drag&Drop support.
  • Recent menu for opened GCFs.
  • Detailed log with possibility to save it.
  • Fixed progress bar (now there shouldnt be problem with BIG files)

1.23 build 2
  • Added large file support (over 2GB)

1.23 build 1
  • Changed a little bit behevior in tree list
  • Fixed exploring tree list with keybord
  • Opening files only in read mode share read and write access for other applications like Steam

  • Added possibility to open file/directory via Address box
  • Increased extraction process
  • Fixed Opening same file right after closing it
  • Sorting columans by Name and Size has been fixed
  • Optimized decryption algorithm / increased decryption speed :p
  • Added time progress calculation
  • GcfExplorer now shows App version insted of Gcf version
  • Added info if corrupted files has been found during validation process

1.22 build 1
  • Fixed RecentList loading and saving when in list exists two same items
  • Fixed closing GCFExplorer if previously any file had been ShellExecuted
  • Fixed Canceling progress, it will not couse further opertaions to be canceled

  • Added possibility to extract Encrypted files with proper Encryption Key
  • Added Progress speed per secound
  • Fixed some less (or more) important bugs
  • Fixed bug that prevent operations after clicking Cancel
  • Improved extracting, defragmenting and validating process

1.21 build 2
  • Fixed correct loading of Recent files
  • Added check if GCF Header need to be fixed.
  • Added Extarct, Validate and Shell Execute options into TreeView menu.
  • Last extract dir now will be saved

1.21 build 1
  • Fixed Clearing recent menu from configuration file
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