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This tool allows to validate, fix, optimize, defrag, update, download GCF, NCF and ACF games.
It introduces the NEW "version" (formerly "archive") format, and the NEW "update" format that i will use in future releases.

these formats are NOT compatible with CFT 1.x . I will release a compatibility pluggin (for gcf/ncf only) for later if needed.

The tool was also an attempt to code an HTML GUI instead of an MCF one... was maybe not a good idea afterall.
it can be accessed with a web browser on localhost:27888 but then be really carefull to wait for an operation to finish before to click somewhere... i advise you to use the tool's browser instead ...

so, first step : click on config and update the CDR and AppInfo before doing anything else you may loose some ncf/acf content.

this tool is beta, so please BACKUP your files !

Change log
2012-06-11 : added support for app info, required for acf.
2012-06-15 : fixed oversized files correction, fixed acf update build (invalid position bug), added automatic cdr download on first start, added windows 7 task bar progress indicator, and a few minor things.
2012-07-01 : fixed acf filenames case issues, some cdr info retrival crash and win XP compatibility. and a few minor things.
2012-07-26 : implemented ACF "apply update" (DO NOT FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR STEAMAPPS FOLDER), fixed windows 8 task bar progress indicator
2012-07-27 : improved ACF versions / update mecanisms. added depots name for acf. added a cancel button for tools
2012-07-30 : fixed a few things including the random content folder deletion. anyway still strongly advised to make backups
2012-07-31 : added a new tool : cleaner. WARNING : if u use it on NCF it games it will delete all the NCF depots content for that game ... started to add options for selecting depots to be added to acf archives / updates, but i'm still not sure how to do it in a proper way so they are not used for now
2012-08-02 : was fed up to have to change .ini config, so i added a way to define more than 1 steam environment. also creation of acf versions will now include only selected depots. i will redesign the thing soon.
2012-09-07 : implemented ACF apply update, you can now choose what depots to add to versions and updates, and what depots should be updated.
2013-04-09 : appinfo cache format updated (to be compatible with steam). can now be installed in a wide chars folder and supports wide charcters in ACF filenames. Updated .acf file format to be compatible with steam mounted depots. fixed issues with some unmountables depots (Chunks are not identical). a some other minor changes. new Linux version, always wait for an operation to complete before clicking on a button or link, or you may crash the tool and corrupt your files... it is strongly recommended to backup your files for the first times you use this new version.
2013-06-24 : you can now download gcf/ncf/acf (as long as u own them or if they are free), fixed acf corruption if u canceled an update, fixed many memory leaks, added 2 ugly progress bars, and a few other things.
2013-08-13 : Added new app installation, fixed many acf stuff,...
2013-11-30 : New build, updated CM server protocol, steamguard emails support, xp memory issue, some other fixes...
2014-01-30 : Fix bugs, included the optional loggers config file in the release, you can now download manifests or delete unused manifests (disabled by default), create updates without a version file (full depot), ...
Initialy released with CF Toolbox, this keygen allows to generate a key to be used with my tools in order to be able to login on your steam guard protected account.

it is not a key to be entered in the steam client.

usage :
- copy the keygen in your steam installation folder
- run it
- copy the key from the console or the log file

version history :
- 2013-06-16 : fixed the "Insufficient buffer size" error. added a log file for guys who don't know how to copy paste from a console.
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