[Emu] SmartSteamEmu 1.4.3

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Steam game multiplayer without steam!

This is a steam client emulator which enables you to play steam games without STEAM client and play online games or lobby enabled-games on LAN without any internet connection or online.
This emulator initially intended only for Age of Empires II HD to enable lobby features without depending on STEAM. Now the emulator has been updated and can be used with other steam's game.

- Run steam game without steam
- Enables play online OR on LAN without internet connection
- Emulates lobby, server browser
- Stats, Achievements and Save games
- Configurable DLC subscription
- Avatar support
- Plugins support
- Overlay support (DX9/11/OpenGL)
- Steam Workshop partial support

- Microsoft(R) Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86)
- .NET Framework 4 (SSELauncher only)
- Steam games

How to use:
- Extract all files to game directory or any directory.
- Open SmartSteamEmu.ini and edit as neccessary.
- Launch SmartSteamLauncher.exe and not the game executable.
- To use different configuration file, add configuration file path to launcher parameter.

If you use cracked version that replace steam_api.dll, make sure you restore the original steam_api.dll file first. If your games use CEG or DRM as protection, you might need to regenerate the executables for that computer first (CEG only) or use the cracked version.

Some games may require pre-cracked file to run the games, but be sure steam_api.dll is the original.

Some games such as tomb raider that can host private match require invite friends function to invite others to join their private match. Since this emulator didn't have any invite friend implemented, to JOIN the server press SHIFT+TAB simultaneously.

Beginning with version 1.3.5, online mode is introduced (by SSEOverlay plugin). It will connect to several server (torrent tracker) and STUN server. If you do not wish to connect to these server, it can be disabled completely via overlay settings or modifying its setting file.

Plugin Development:
Plugin is simply a dll file to extend or change the emulator or game behaviour. The dll will be loaded by SmartSteamEmu via LoadLibrary(). Additionally the plugin can have SmartInit() and SmartShutdown() exported function. To get better understanding, download the PDK.
PDK can be downloaded here.

Thanks to OSW members and supporting friends.
Thanks to all cs.rin.ru Developers Group members including ChrisTX
Thanks to Mitsukarina for helping and maintaining SSELauncher
Thanks to Sisah for helping and maintaining SSEOverlay
Thanks to people who provided translation for SSEOverlay: Czech (Sisah), Russian (Shlak), Spanish (xatornet)

SSE Companion - Collections of apps/tools for SmartSteamEmu
Steam game multiplayer without steam!
(5.1 МБ) 18227 скачиваний
Steam game multiplayer without steam!
(5.1 МБ) 18227 скачиваний

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I am trying to run DOOM Demo without steam using this program. It says that the steam_api64.dll is not original, but it is original. Can you help please?
The demo runs good with steam, but I hate steam and want to play this demo without it. :help:

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Update: So somehow this time it says that the dll is original and valid, but the game (DOOM Demo) still does not launch. It simply does not begin. When I double click on it, on task manager I see DOOM Demo appears but after a few seconds again disappears. It looks like this emulator is tuned to work mostly with valve games (hl, cs, csgo, css, hl2, portals, left4deads, dotas, etc...)

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Can you help me run DOOM Demo with this emulator please. Pojaluysta

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Hello ,

I'm trying to add DLC subscriptions with Smart Steamemu 1.4.3 into AoE 2 HD 5.8
But I can not success ! except overwrite all of subscription files into AoE 2 game folder .

But Steam have managed this game divided into 2 part .
The first part in AoE2 folder is original folder
The second part is all of DLC subscriptions in download/content folder

Could you please help me to run AoE2 HD with all of DLC subscriptions by Smart Steamemu ?


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Hello, I'm Russian and I write through the translator so it can be a bit not clear about how to make Smart Steam Emulator that emulated steam workshop and make a separate folder in the game workshop in which threw off the DLC and mods, and the game KEPLERTH I can't install russifiers, because it is set purely on the steam workshop, and the replacement of the stock sheet with the languages the game when you exit removes all living beings but not out of the game

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