[FAQ] Team Fortress 2 no-Steam

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Q: How change my nickname?
A: 1) Type "name <nickname>" in console.
2)In you steam client (or Servers Monitor). Community-----> Edit my Steam ID
3)If you are using REVOLUTiON change Rev.ini in main game folder.

Q:How 2 play with bots?
A: There are no bots in Team Fortress 2

Q: Error name: "The server requires that you be running Steam".
А: Use Servers Monitor.

Q: Error name: "Server uses different class tables" or "<mapname> different from the servers"?
А: Update your game client.

Q: Error name: "This Server is using an older protocol (11) than your client"
A: Find other server or wait for servers updating.

Q: Error name: "Engine Error: This Game has a minimum requirement of DirectX 8.0 to run properly."
A: You must have DirectX 9.0 to play this game.

Q: I want to backup my achievements.
A: Copy tf2_playerstats.dmx and gamestate.txt to your folder.

Q: I have crash in gold rush и badwater basin.
A: Download to you "tf2folder\tf\models" next files:
http://rapidshare.com/files/138775316/p ... teland.rar

Q: Error name "Disconnect: this Steam account does not own this game" or "STEAM validation rejected"?
A: 1). Start you steam before start game client
2). Find other server.
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