Day of Defeat: Source Update 18/08/06

Day of Defeat — это динамичная игра, действие которой происходит в Европе во время Второй Мировой войны.
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Day of Defeat: Source, Source Engine Updates Released

Day of Defeat: Source

- Improved hitbox detection for player body parts that extend outside of the bounding box
- Fixed players being able to capture areas from farther away than intended
- Fixed an exploit where player could plant the bomb and switch teams, causing the bomb to explode and give the point ownership to the wrong team
- Fixed bell sound playing on knife impacts
- Fixed players switching to the tnt view model if they picked it up while a smoke grenade was deployed
- Fixed several map exploits
- Fixed minimap cap areas showing the number of players present even if those players were on the owning team
- Fixed a case where user could crash the server with a client command
- Fixed a case where dod_Jagd would not respond to mp_timelimit changelevels
- Fixed an exploit that could be used to throw grenades farther than intended
- Fixed logging events kill_planter and kill_defuser showing incorrect data
- Fixed several cvars not being saved in the config ( death effects options, hud_centerid )
- Fixed animation issue where player would not have an animation if they expended all ammo
- Fixed issue where a player would be stuck on spawn if they were defusing when the round restarted

Source Engine

- Fixed jittery animations while recording a demo file
- Fixed regression in Half-Life 2: Episode One where the player was unable to progress

dods-060628-060818 (2.3 Mb)
source-060530-060821 (2.3 Mb)